“Everything you did for us was exceptional. Can I tell you the things that made the trip so exceptional…..

Transportation-the buses were very nice and comfortable. And the drivers always helped us down the steps. I don’t know how they negotiated some of the streets but they did. And plenty of water!!!

Restaurants-such a variety of environments. With wonderful ambiance and good food. Plus music. And delicious mojitos!

Hotel-excellent choice. Very comfortable and a beautiful space with lots of art.

Itinerary-We got to see so many things that couldn’t be usually done on other trips. I felt like I gained so much insight about Cuba because of the places and people we were exposed to. There were many fun events. A wonderful itinerary!

Coordination- I was so impressed with how you coordinated seventy people to and from events.

The staff-your staff was always kind and patient with us. Even when we were running late. Or asking questions. And always a smile for us!

Thank you for a lovely time. Until we meet again.”

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